I’ve traveled a lot and yet the world is just too big of a place to ever know much about it. You can climb to highest point in the world and still only see so much. No, I haven’t climbed Mt. Everest. But my goal is to share these memories that I’ve created.

I have a really great memory. I can recall events that happened in the 3rd grade. Memories aren’t very good ones if they aren’t shared with the world. Whatever the medium may be, photos, video or other creative visual expressions, they are partner to a great story. I’ve always believed that photo shoots should be a fun memory in itself.

A great photo doesn’t just depend on a great photographer, but it also depends on the community and collaboration that comes about making that great photo. Every person is different and every photo will have its unique characteristics that make it special. Photography is my life journey and I want to take everyone with me. Let’s start by climbing Mt. Everest.